Funded training makes productive use of time under furlough, May 2020

Even before coronavirus struck the trend was towards a steady increase of people working from home, and if you can work from home you can train from home - even under furlough.

Golding Computer Services has won awards for its delivery of the Computerised Accounting for Business courses, leading to qualifications awarded by the International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB).

In addition to face-to-face tuition the company's services include distance learning and remote training. That fits with the flexibility required by people who already work from home or who have been furloughed by their employers. They can slot in training sessions around other commitments with support by phone and email from Di Garbera, a director at Goldings who won the 2019 IAB Tutor of the Year award and trained the 2020 IAB Student of the Year Sarah Fenwick.

Di said: "Remote training is used by people who can't come to our office because of their location or maybe because of mobility issues.

"It also provides employers with a useful option if staff are suddenly required to work from home, whether through self-isolation, care for elderly or infirm relatives or staying with children because of illness or school closures.

"Training is permitted under furlough and there's no need to connect to an employer's IT system. If the individual has an internet connection we can train them on their own PC. It enables people to do something productive and get a qualification with experience in Sage and it can be 100 per cent funded."

Other benefits include a free NUS discount card which can generate big shopping savings - and which can also be used from home.

Di said: "One impact of coronavirus is that more people are working from home and becoming more comfortable and more productive with doing it. It's not for everybody but it's clear that demand for home working is increasing and we expect that to be supported by a greater requirement to train at home."

To find out more about the computerised accounting courses and funding eligibility contact Di at Golding Computer Services on Hull (01482) 328706, email

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