Computerised Accounting courses save time and money

Employers and individuals are being offered the opportunity to give their businesses a solid financial foundation by completing cost-effective accountancy training.
Golding Computer Services is delivering the courses which are new for 2018 and is using its contacts and its expertise as a distance learning specialist to reduce the cost and the demands on time.

Vic Golding, Managing Director of Goldings, said: “This training would normally only be available at significant cost but we expect to be able to offer big discounts by working with partner organisations.

“We can also reduce the amount of time spent training. It is delivered by distance learning with support by phone and email. All tests are online and in multiple choice format.”
The courses cover Level 1 and Level 2 in International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB) Computerised Accounting for Business. Participants receive two certificates from the IAB for each level – one for the qualification and the other for Sage competence.

They also receive the Sage 50 program for the duration of the course plus two books to keep – a knowledge book with the theory side and a skills book for Sage accounting.

As students of the IAB for 12 months, trainees are eligible for various benefits and discounts by purchasing the NUS Extra card for £12, leading to average savings of £400 per annum on everyday products and services.

Di Garbera, General Manager at Goldings, said: “Level 1 could be suitable for someone who doesn’t know Sage or who wants to refresh their skills and knowledge, anybody who is thinking of starting their own business or wants to be an entrepreneur and has no knowledge of accounts.

“Level 2 has all of those benefits with more detail. The courses are being delivered because of the need to ensure that businesses, and particularly small firms and start-ups, have a solid financial foundation.”

To find out more about the courses and funding eligibility contact Di at Golding Computer Services on Hull (01482) 328706, email

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