When can I start the course?

There are no set start dates for the course, therefore, you can register immediately.

Do I need to visit a Training Centre during the course?

All the courses are delivered as distance learning and you will not be required to visit a Training Centre. The tests can be taken online at your convenience, either at work or home.

What is included in distance learning course materials?

See details of each individual course.  Books are available at an additional cost for some courses.
Lesson Plans and helpful hints and tips are provided with all courses.

Will I receive Tutor support with the course?

See details of each individual course as all courses have a tutor support option.

What equipment do I need to undertake the course?

You will require a Windows based computer/laptop with access to the internet. The version of Windows must be 7 or above. A printer is not necessary unless you would like to print copies of the tests and activities for your own portfolio.

How long will the Sage training program work for?

The Sage programs are time-limited for 6 months and can be extended for a further 6 months if necessary, at a further cost.

Can I keep the Workbooks?

The workbooks are for you to keep and can be used as references books.

When will I receive my results?

All the tests are online and you will receive your results immediately you have submitted the papers.

Will I receive a qualification and Certificate?

Depending on the course, you will either be awarded a QCF qualification or a Sage Certificate.


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